E-cig as an Alternative               to Traditional Cigarettes

An electric-cigarette or a portable vaporizer has been marketed as an effective means to quit smoking. It has been claimed that the use of these products can help in kicking the habit of smoking. These smoking alternative products are said to be safer as the use of electric cigarettes, as opposed to traditional cigarettes, lessens the exposure to harmful chemicals and carcinogens contained in cigarettes. 

Moreover, since these devices use liquid nicotine, users can choose to control their nicotine using, greatly helpful in kicking the habit of smoking.

ecig to stop smoking

How Electronic                                Cigarettes work?

Electric cigarettes use cartridges, which contain nicotine and other flavoring ingredients, in order to function. These cartridges are loaded in the electronic-cigarette and an atomizer vaporizes the liquid contained in these cartridges. Unlike traditional cigar sticks which use burning, electric cigarettes turn liquid nicotine into an aerosol mist, allowing for it to be vaporized upon the inhalation of the individual using the electric device. 

The electronic components of the device help in heating up the liquid components to be vaporized and then inhaled by the user.

cigarette electronique

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